PEX vs Copper Piping: Pros, Cons, and Installation Tips

PEX vs Copper piping: Which is better? Before installing piping you must know which type will be best for the job. These two types are the most common types of piping used for home as well as industrial purposes. Obviously, both the types have their own merits and demerits depending on how you’re using them.

Let’s discuss in detail both the types


Copper pipes have a reputation for being reliable in a variety of situations. Plumbers prefer copper pipes due to their durability and find them familiar to use. These pipes are water-resistant thus it is not exposed to UV rays, a homeowner can use the pipe both inside and outside of the home.



Copper pipes are highly durable as they can last more than 75 years. This is the top-most reason why the plumbers choose copper pipes for their plumbing needs


These pipes can be recycled. A large number of chunks can be recycled and reused in pipes and fittings


Copper is resistant to corrosion so it can easily withstand any weather and UV rays of the sun. In the case of a fire, it will not burn or produce toxic fumes.


Copper pipes are sturdy. To properly fit a house with copper pipes it requires a lot of precise cuts, connections, as well as joints to make it function.



The cost of copper has hiked due to its ability to be recycled. Installing copper pipes will run about 60% more expensive than PEX

Prone to bursting

Copper may corrode depending on the pH level of the water. In cold weather, the pipes may freeze or burst.

PEX pipes

PEX piping is popular in the last few decades and is used to replace copper pipes. Easier to install, cost low, can be used for drinking water applications, insulation for high voltage electric cables, etc.



When comparing the price factor, PEX pipes seem to be better than copper. It is 3 times cheaper than copper. Installation is very easy and inexpensive.


It is resistant to corrosion, chlorine, as well as scaling.

Easy to install

PEX pipes can be installed even without using glue. Prevents the risk of fire during the installation process.

Temperature resistant

Durable and resistant to both high and low temperatures


PEX pipes are flexible so the installation is quite easy.


  • Cannot be recycled
  • Vulnerable to insects
  • Not resistant to UV radiation

Both types have their uniqueness. The one you choose depends on your budget, your environment, and your home’s specific requirements. Choose wisely.

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