How to Turn Off Water at Street

If you notice that the water supply to your home has gone off, then you should know how to turn off water at street. If you live on a ground floor, chances are that the valve is located on the ground floor. If you cannot find the valve, you can also call the city office for assistance. This will save you time and frustration if the street becomes flooded. Also, you should wear work gloves to protect your hands and bring a wrench with you.

If the valve is locked or obstructed, it may be a good idea to contact public works or a plumber to help you. If this doesn’t work, you may need to force the valve and end up flooding a neighbor’s basement or the road to the property. If this is the case, call 311 or contact the field office listed on the shutoff notice. If you cannot find any information on this, you can contact the City of Phoenix for assistance.

Next, you should lift the ground-level utility box to access the curb valve. If the valve is blocked, you should remove any obstructions from the box and remove any debris. You can also use sand to prevent pipes from freezing and bursting. In some cases, there may be another valve for shutting off water at street. In such cases, you should open both valves and wait for the emergency response team to come and assist you.

After locating the main water valve at street, you can then shut off water to the house. A picture of a typical water meter cover and county cutoff valve can help you find the right valve. If you can’t find it, call a plumber. The plumber can adjust the pressure of the water to your property. This way, you can avoid further damage. If the main water shutoff valve is broken, the water can still run through the property and damage it.

Once you’ve turned off water at street, you can shut off the main water line. This is an important step to take before you leave the house. Whether you’re leaving the house for an extended period of time, it’s important to shut off the main water line to prevent water damage. In addition, many water meter setups include two valves: one on the street and one on the house. A colder climate will typically find the main shutoff in the basement, while warmer climates will use the main shutoff on the exterior or in a buried box.

To turn off water at street, locate the water shutoff valve. In most cases, this is located near the water meter or on the side of your home facing the street. You may need to use a special tool to turn it off. This tool is called a meter key and is sold at most hardware stores. It is important to note that shutoff valves can be on both the city and homeowner side of the street.

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